I am an award-winning graphic designer with over 14 years of experience in various mediums including web and print. When I'm not practicing yoga or stuffing my face full of popcorn at a movie theater I spend my time working as a team leader for Gannett Newspaper Co. Previously I've worked as a freelance graphic designer/photographer as well as art director for the weekly tabloid AccessAtlanta at the Atlanta Journal-Constitution. Prior to that I spent over three years living in Hong Kong working as art director for the Wall Street Journal Asia.

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Gallery of images from Plastic @ Eyedrum - a group art show I participated in.

In the March/April 2011 issue of CommonCreativ Magazine I was honored to be selected as one of the 50 Most Creative Atlantans.

CommonCreativ Mag

Below is the premier issue of Simply Buckhead magazine after a whirl-wind, mostly from scratch, brainstorming, conceptulizing and designing process over a three week period. I then acted as its art director and designer for a year. Flip through the pages below.

Fox Theater photo by Omar Vega

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